The War for Jupiter

Where do Olympus Union stories happen?

From afar, Jupiter has appeared as the most important planet of the Sol System, since inception. The most dominant of the heavenly bodies orbiting Sol, one would assume the behemoth lorded over the smaller planets. With its vast array of natural satellites, springing with resources, the Jovian System barely needed a star to orbit!

Earth, however, birthed the most dominant life, not Jupiter. Liquid water covering the planet enabled humanity to evolve and move beyond gravity. Taking to the stars, however, all roads returned to Jupiter once again. While not the expected hub, it has become the key to the Sol System, after all.

When the Olympus Union came to power, it quickly sought to dominate the Jovian System. Scrapping a crumbling Beta Station and replacing it with a state-of-the-art version, they built and launched multiple additional stations around Jupiter and the Galilean moons. Casting aside the people of Alpha Station, the Union focused on it’s new stations.

Exporting people from Earth helped to cure the adventurous spirit, and ramp up research and development. Relocating minor offenders as an option against prison provided a workforce for miners, techs and other physical laborers. It also helped to keep burgeoning rabble from Earth, as order was established; repatriation to Jupiter was expected to stomp out rebellious fire.

Exploiting the natural resources of Jupiter and its moons would change the future. Prime Minister Jones Oden would use it as a means to land human feet under an alien star. He would ensure that his legacy was not just one of order, but prosperity. The ability to build new stations, new ships, and new resources from materials mined on Jupiter’s moons would be a boon!

Unfortunately, uprising among the Jovian citizens dashed the Olympus Union’s plans. Now, instead of focusing efforts on expansion into the universe, the Union must marshall forces to put down the rebels, and restore order. Ganymede had already been deep into terraforming, to serve as an Earth-like launch point outside the asteroid belt. Europa had proven to hold more water than anyone imagined. More secrets pour out from Jupiter on a monthly basis!

Minister of Peace Anat Moran knows that Jupiter, and the Jovian System, are not just the key to Union legacy, but to humanity. Should this toe-hold at Jupiter be lost, she would maintain a long vision. Even if she must one day return to Jupiter and slaughter everyone, a thought that she initially detested, the Olympus Union would own Jupiter!

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