Short Stories

Sceince fiction short stories in the Olympus Union universe

The Olympus Union science fiction universe stretches across the solar system. From battles fought on the surface of Earth, to discoveries in domed cities under our oceans, up to the moon Luna, it only starts here. Tales stretch to Mercury, Venus and Mars, pass through the Asteroid Belt, and out to Jupiter and its moons. Here are science fiction short stories to entertain your mind. Some will be quick flashes under 1,000 words, others may be longer. We hope that you'll enjoy them all!

Oden's Inspection

A surprise inspection of a military academy by Prime Minister Jones Oden leaves the facility hopping, and justifying.

Future Elite

Yu Sterm leaves the comfort of the Ministry of Peace's offices, to step into the field and learn what Ares Elite life is like.

Secessionists Unwelcome

When a miner on Luna speaks out against the Olympus Union, a number of loyalists take exception. Things quickly turned violent.

Lunar Concerns

Siriancity hosts Jones Oden, as Mayor Herzon discusses her concerns about crime on the Lunar waterfront.

Broken Minds

The Mayor of Luna's Siriancity tries to rehab an Athena's Clutch inmate, but finds him perhaps too well fixed.

Elk River Investigation

Investigator Coraline Rikmer is relentless in tracking down members of organized crime, anywhere in the solar system.

Jovian Water

Water Captain Vika Behari is determined to take down a corrupt compatriot, enough to sacrifice her best officer.