The men and women of Olympus Union

The men and women of the Olympus Union science fiction universe are a varying lot. Soldiers, administrators, politians, farmers, mercenaries and more. The loyal and the ambivalent, the freedom fights and the money chasers. It takes many kinds to make up a universe.

Adi Sizh

Colonel in the Jovian Free League, a strong part of the Jovian resistance movement.

Adrian Maguin

Jovian commercial pilot and descendent of a Jovian master artist.

Aiden Thane

Mayor of the city St Patrick on Mars.

Anat Meron

Olympus Union Minister of Peace.

Avinoam David

Ares Elite soldier, XO to Justin Brand.

Aylen Baynes

Alpha Station pilot.

Blazka Binder

Olympus Union Ensign, communications officrs, assigned to Alpha Station.

Bowen Widmere

Night Squadron pilot.

Brant Stone

Night squadron pilot.

Byron Marsh

Night squadron pilot.

Cartier Martone

Member of the Jovian Free League ruling council.

Cassie Alaba

Members of Cask Research orbital station team.

Christopher Mojo

Retired Jovian soldier and current restauranteur.

Clester Tice

Theta Station Minister in the Jovian System.

Cormac Shaw

Epsilon Station Mininster in the Jovian System.

Curt Budden

Olympus Union soldier.

Daillin Whipple

Jovian technician and unwilling pilot.

Damian Acosta

Night Squadron pilot.

Danielle Abbate

Olympus Union administrator of indeterminate rank, on special mission to the Jovian System by order of Prime Minister Jones Oden.

Daxtan Chandler

Jovian pilot and Captain of Night Squadron.

Derek Maguin

Minister of Alpha Station in the Jovian System, formerly known as Derek McGee.

Dondo Kryz

Proud Kraken, Captain of the Water Ship TB-7.

Duncan Lab

Prisoner of the Olympus Union's penal system, aboard Athena's Clutch.

Ehren Buhr

Minister of Europa, former Vice Minister of Zeta Station.

Erin Poltenovage

Night Squadron pilot, call sign Nova.

Forrest Rousseau

Vice Minister of Ganymede in the Jovian System.

Gibson Ark

Olympus Union Private, stationed aboard Alpha Station. Engaged to Natanya Petrov.


Highly intelligent, oversized and extramuscular member of the Jovian Free League, and Jovian resistance. Owner of one green and one brown eye, naturally occuring.

Hayden Pauling

Kraken Ensign, stationed about the water ship TB-7.

Heath Gassaway

Minister of Ganymede in the Jovian System.

Henrique Maguin

Historical Jovian master artist, now deceased.

Hideo Sorota

Olympus Union military aid stationed on the Martian moon of Deimos.

Ian Ganesvoort

Member of the Jovian Free League ruling council. Sullen and rather negative.


Jovian Free League soldier.

Jed Horrocks

Jovian Free League soldier.

Jones Oden

Prime Minister of the Olympus Union and most powerful person across the Solar System.

Justin Brand

Member of the Ares Elite, Captain, and incredibly respected for his loyalty and tactics, across the Olympus Union.

Kadarius Bennett

Judge in the Olympus Union judicial system on Earth.


Jovian spy... this probably isn't her realy name.

Keith Lanning

Member of the Jovian resistance... and apparently a friend to Duncan Lab, even if he doesn't know it.

Kennedy Colbrun

Worker on the Ganymede reservoir project.


Associate of Duncan Lab, mathematical genius, and proud descendent of Brazilian heritage. This is not his original name.

Koko Aminu

Alpha Station pilot

Kordal Treacey

Olympus Union Minister of Io and Io Station.


Mercenary. Beholden to only himself. Has creepy, cool, all-black, synthetic eyes. Kind of a jerk.

Lavin Bridgewater

Jovian soldier.

Martell Andrews

Prime Minister of the Jovian Free League and primary leader of the Jovian resistance movement.

Matt McNaghten

Onwer of McNaghten’s pub in St Patrick, Mars.

Natanya Petrov

Alpha Station Vice Minister, engaged to Gibson Ark.

Oni Kumen

Olympus Union Minister of Delta Station.


Cask research team member.

Othello Alford

Captain of the Olympus Union ship Commerford.

Phelan Rand

Night Squadron pilot. He might be a little nuts. We're still not sure if it's an act or not.

Phineas Ferling

Olympus Union Assistant Senior Project Director of the Ganymede terraforming project.

Quentin Sheridan

Olympus Union Minister of Callisto and Callisto Station.

Rafael Trujillo

Olympus Union Minister of Zeta Station.

Raft Horne

Worker on the Ganymede reservoir project.

Rama Philips

Director of the Hydroponics Farm on Alpha Station.

Recep Bahar

Alpha Station pilot.

Robyn Porter

Staff for Ministry of Peace.

Samir Berdugo

Alpha Station pilot.

Stall Hopkins

Ministry of Peace's Head of Clandestine Affairs.

Tanyan Kree

Olympus Union Minister of Beta Station. A very large man.

Terrico Orton

Jovian soldier.

Tira Pierce

Member of the Jovian Free League ruling council. Incredibly fiery.


Jovian spy. We're positive that this isn't his real name.

Toryn Gikku

Captain of the Olympus Union ship Sarpedon

Tyrik Adams

Jovian soldier.

Venda Dale

Olympus Union Assistant to Danielle Abbate.

Vili Cask

Head of Cask Research.

Vincent Flynn

Night Squadron pilot.

Virginia Cleer

Olympus Union Ministry of Peace, Chief of Staff.

Warren Revere

Military leader for the Jovian resistance, and self proclaimed Jupiter's Greatest Hero!

Wilma Unger

Member of the Jovian council and attempted spy. This is her real name.

Wynym Bledsoe

Night Squadron pilot.

Yu Sterm

Ministry of Peace, Intelligence Coordinator.