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Frustrated with science fiction franchises going in directions that feels against fan interests? Offended that an entire extended universe of books or comics are discarded from canon, after you've invested a great deal of time?

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I'm allowing Olympus Union subscribers, true science fiction fans, to impact the direction of the universe. Surveys to determine Station names, character details, and even some major plot points. You can even campaign for your position to win! Sign up now and have your voice heard.


Who populates the Olympus Union science fiction universe? The Olympians, the Jovians, and the folks in between. Farmers and soliders, pilots and politicans, a great many individuals spread across the solar system. Many take up sides and fight for ideals, while others are just hoping to get through each day.

Worlds & Stations

What are the worlds of the Olympus Union science fiction universe? What is the dominian of the Olympus Union, and who exactly are the Jovians? Where has humanity expanded to, where do we walk in the open air, and how do we survive in deep space?

Free Olympus Union Short Stories

Explore the Olympus Union science fiction universe with free short stories. Flash fiction and slightly longer tales, featuring known and new characters, to help illustrate the further reaches of Olympus Union.

Olympus Union: Jovian Wars

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Humanity's battle over water, key to expanding beyond Earth, causes war to rage across the Olympus Union. Who will control Jupiter and its water rich moons? Dominant personalities foster tensions, which reverberate across the solar system.

Get the ebook that reboots the Olympus Union science fiction universe, and follow from the first glimmers of hope... to all war around Jupiter!