About Jovian Wars

Understanding the Olympus Union vanguard

Jovian Wars is the epic introduction to the Olympus Union science fiction universe! Forced unification of humankind has reaped rewards, and torn new scars. A quest to look to stars beyond, trips up when the pioneers are spurned. And water…. water is still the most important substance in the Solar System. But who will control it, on the edge of known space?

Why an Olympus Union reboot?

Originally three separate books, The Past Repeated, Drawing Battle Lines and The Future Reborn have been re-written, re-edited, and re-packaged as an omnibus. The story still carries most of the same characters, most of the same focus, and many of the same major events. What has changed, however, is the depth and perspective of many of these characters. New twists and wrinkles have been added, and a lot of the previous fluff has been removed.

This story is for you, science fiction reader. Cleaner to read, with secrets still hidden. We’ll still follow the evolution of Duncan Lab and Justin Brand, yet see new characters take on interesting directions. And Phelan Rand is still nuts. This is Olympus Union, dear science fiction reader, and this is where you get on!

The War for Jupiter

Jupiter has never been more critical to the Olympus Union, or humanity at large, but why? We'll certainly gain from every world with a human stamp, but there must be more. Just what is this war for Jupiter? What happens if the Olympus Union loses?


Who populates the Olympus Union science fiction universe? The Olympians, the Jovians, and the folks in between. Farmers and soliders, pilots and politicans, a great many individuals spread across the solar system. Many take up sides and fight for ideals, while others are just hoping to get through each day.

Free Olympus Union Short Stories

Explore the Olympus Union science fiction universe with free short stories. Flash fiction and slightly longer tales, featuring known and new characters, to help illustrate the further reaches of Olympus Union.

Olympus Union: Jovian Wars

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Humanity's battle over water, key to expanding beyond Earth, causes war to rage across the Olympus Union. Who will control Jupiter and its water rich moons? Dominant personalities foster tensions, which reverberate across the solar system.

Get the ebook that reboots the Olympus Union science fiction universe, and follow from the first glimmers of hope... to all war around Jupiter!