Worlds & Stations

Where do Olympus Union stories happen?

Olympus Union is set in the Sol System, commonly referred to as "'our Solar System" dominated by the star Sol. While the Olympus Union originates from the seat of humanity, Earth, it stretches to other planets, moons and space stations across the Sol System. While much of Jovian Wars takes place around Jupiter, this space opera is more than just space borne!


Through intensive terraforming efforts, Mars is the only other planet in the solar system to have humans living on its surface. Colonized in city "quartets" - blocks of four conjoined, yet independent settlements - Mars is the last stand of civilization before the outback of the Asteroid Belt, and the Jovian frontier.


While heavily cloud covered, Venus has been the subject of constant interest by the Olympus Union. With orbital military platforms guarding research efforts both in space and planetside, the Union hopes to cull value from Earth's volcanic twin in the near future.


Water has been detected, in the depths of Mercury. While its surface splits time between hellfire and tundric cold, there is hope that much could be achieved beneath the surface. Hope that Mercury could be the key not just to new reserves of water, but of energy, as well.


The focus of expansion far from Earth, Ganymede is undergoing terraforming to make it warmer and more receptive to humans on the surface. Projects underway are currently developing fresh water reservoirs. Ganymede is the hoped for home world to support launch for Saturn and beyond.


While Station Minister Andrews strolls the decks of Europa Station, orbiting the moon, a secret bunker sits below the surface of the moon. Inside that bunker, plans are hatching that will change the Sol System forever.


As the inner-most of Jupiter’s Galilean moons, Io is rather inhospitable. It's the most volcanically active body in the solar system. While prison construction was shunned as inhumane, civilians are subject to radiation while mining and researching.


The least affected by Jupiter's magnetosphere of the Gallilean moons, scientists aboard Callisto's orbital station have performed interesting and innovative bio-engineering research.


Humanity's mother planet.

Earth, where life began. Where war, hunger and politics were rampant. Where the Olympus Union sought to end it all, by uniting humanity under one banner! With their military, their free flowing trade and travel, and their Ares Elite keeping the peace, the Union shines out from Mother Earth!

With an established capital in San Francisco, the Olympus Union is everywhere, having erased national lines. Spreading across the continents, and below the seas, to the great domed cities, Earth is the Olympian jewel.

Nestled in the shadow of the mother world, Luna has a part to play, as well. Humanity's decision to start colonizing Earth's moon before shoving off to other worlds led to brilliant break throughs. Those on Luna are fiercely loyal to the Union and its ideals.


The great Gas Giant

The largest and most dominant planet in the Sol System, Jupiter and its moons are the leading edge of humanity. Multiple space stations orbit Great Jove, from grand old Alpha, to the Union's jewel, Beta Station, down through Eta Station. A microcosm of the Sol System, the Jovian System's Gallileans moons have their own stations and projects.

Initially bent on exploration and acquisition, many scientists and miners ply their trade in the Jovian System. Jovians still count among their numbers farmer, soliders, teachers, and of course, politicians, among others.

Jovians often separate themselves into the natural born, and the immigrants. Typically, Union officials transferred in from the inner worlds tend to look down on those born on the fringers, or citizens who chose to emmigrate willingly, early on. It makes for strong tensions.