He Saved Everyone But Me

Harry Truman Loev is haunted by a childhood so traumatic, he severed ties with his family and declared himself an orphan. When his father, a revered hero firefighter, dies two decades later, Harry is pulled by forces he can’t fully explain to confront his troubled past and seek answers. He spontaneously decides to travel from his beloved Adirondacks to Florida for the funeral.

As Harry wrestles with grief, anxiety and memories of his pain-filled childhood, he crosses paths with his father’s family, friends and fellow warriors. As lovingly recalled stories of Harry’s father as a principled, compassionate and brave man of action spin through the air, they spark in Harry an odyssey of reminiscence and introspection. With the support of his loving girlfriend, Harry catalogues his past and re-examines the events that alienated him from his family — only to discover the timeless power of love and forgiveness to heal the soul.

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About the Author

From the day in 1972 when his father, a decorated firefighter in one of the busiest engine companies in the South Bronx, performed a heroic rescue and made the front pages of the New York City tabloids, Carl Korn dreamed of becoming a journalist. He fulfilled his ambition by working as a reporter and editor for the Associated Press, United Press International and the Albany Times Union.

In his second act, Carl served as press secretary for one of New York’s - and the nation’s - largest labor unions. Now retired, Carl lives with his wife, Cara, in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. and Indian Lake, N.Y. This is his first novel.

Carl Korn, author