Tudor Lom

Tudor Lom

Affiliation: The Red Scythe
Position: Pilot
Primary Story Arc: Red Scythe
First Appearance: Watching and Waiting

Tudor Lom is an anomaly. Having joined up with the pirate organization the Red Scythe as a job, not an act of rebellion. Hailing from Lincoln City, on Mars, he'd spent a great deal of time flying shipping missions to Ceres for a mining company known as Zonis. When Zonis decided to abandon the Ceres operation, Lom was out of the job. Desperate for work as a pilot, Hardbarger happened to catch wind when he had need of a high quality flyer. Tudor quickly accepted the offer, unconcerned with what he was transporting.

Unfortunately for Tudor, he's a bit on the superstitious side. What's worse, he's had a run of bad luck here and there. At the end of the day, however, he truly is a great pilot, sucessfully completing mission after mission. He's somewhat soft spoken, although prone to speak to and yell at himself. After spending time among some of the rougher individuals of the Red Scythe, he has learned something about playing dirty.

A customer once tried to beat him to death to avoid paying for their shipment. Ignoring his combat training, Tudor dropped to his knees and rammed his head into the opponent's crotch. The large man dropped hard to the floor. The incident actually lent more confidence to the mild mannered pilot than many other circumstances. Still, he prefers to leave the fighting to his more hardened brethren.

Book Appearances:
Pirate's Lies

Story Appearances:
Watching and Waiting
Augmentation and Unfolding
Veda Comes Home
Fighting Styles
Deal Me In
Racing the Clock