Silas Deane

Silas Deane

Affiliation: Olympus Union
Position: Captain, Mercury Military
Primary Story Arc: Ticonderoga
First Appearance: Launching Ticonderoga

Captain Silas Deane spent years imprisoned within Hera's Clutch. How many he'd actually lost track. He'd been convicted for crimes against the state. Silas didn't agree with orders to execute a civilian. Hendry Jackson used his influence to paint Silas as a misunderstood soldier, rather than a menace. Years too late to save him prison time, Hendry finally had a reason: administration of Mercury.

For now, Silas toes the line between redeeming his past, and providing for the future. As the settlement in Mercury grows he seeks to safeguard it against rebellion. Jupiter's succession loomed heavily over his daily and long term goals.

Book Appearances:
Launching Ticonderoga
Arrival of the Elite

Story Appearances:
Entertaining the Mercurians