Scott West

Scott West

Affiliation: The Red Scythe
Position: Technician
Primary Story Arc: Red Scythe
First Appearance: Racing the Clock

Scott West is the epitome of cock sure and arrogant. Unbelievably good at what he does, West can fix nearly anything, and is a wizard of improvisation. Hailing from Mars, he joined the Red Scythe as a teenager. Boldly approaching Hardbarger in the city of Mingus, in the Musician's Quartet of Mars, he offered to prove his worth.

Hardbarger took the kid up to Red Scythe headquarters, to the hangar, and shot up the control pad. Locking the door from the outside, he cracked open the external bay door and left West inside. The challenge was to open the door and get into the hallway before dying. The technician not only accomplished the task, but rigged the monitoring device to show himself still working, and then crept into the Red Scythe leader's office and hit him with a tranqualizer.

West has shown some sexual tension with Sadie North. In Pirate's Lies, however, he lost his trademark cool in the face of possibility.

Book Appearances:
Pirate's Lies

Story Appearances:
Racing the Clock
Efficiency Ratings
The Real Sadie
Deal Me In