Ruddell Sled

Ruddell Sled

Affiliation: The Red Scythe
Position: Pilot
Primary Story Arc: Red Scythe
First Appearance: Racing the Clock
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Sled was born on Earth, the fourth of five brothers. Starting life in what was then known as Botswana, long before the Olympus Union took hold, life was simple but hard. When Ruddell was just five years old, a militant faction from the neighboring country of Zimbabwe sacked his home city of Masunga. Unable to gain ground in Zimbabwe, the militant group chose to carve out a home for themselves in the sparsely populated Botswana.

Show no mercy, they murdered Sled's mother and two eldest brothers. Escaping with just Ruddell and his remaining older brother, their father eschewed Earth for the Lunar colonies. Arriving in Armstrong City, the Sleds struggled to find a place to live. Showing an aptitude for lacrosse, however, his father earned a try out with the Gunson Ferrets. Landing in Gunson on a modest salary, the boys were able to grow up simply but happily.

Taking on work as a delivery runner at age sixteen, Ruddell worked his way up to learn to fly. Making runs between Luna and Earth by age nineteen, he took up with a commercial delivery company out of Earth. Showing great promise, they transferred him to their Martian branch. Sled found himself making commercial runs to Ceres from Mars, and navigating out to the Jovian System on occasion. All the while that he worked, Ruddell mounted a private search for the infant brother left behind.

While on Mars, he was alerted to an organization that could ship anything, find anyone and would do certain dirty work without question. Following up, he met the Red Scythe leader, Hardbarger. Explaining his plight, Sled found that he couldn't afford Hardbarger's price for the difficult search. Offering himself up in trade, Ruddell began piloting for the Red Scythe in hopes of having the group finally find his long lost brother.

Sled has been through a great deal of difficulty with the group. Hardbarger, himself, was incredibly difficult to deal with as a boss. Warlord Zonis caused him injury during a weapons delivery to Ceres. The Olympus Union military had taken aim at him personally. Despite all of the trials, however, Ruddell remained loyal for the day that the pirates brought him his prize: a brotherly reunion.

Book Appearances:
Pirate's Lies

Story Appearances:
Racing the Clock