Radin Hall

Radin Hall

Affiliation: Olympus Union
Position: Ares Elite
Primary Story Arc: Ticonderoga
First Appearance: Arrival of the Elite

Radin Hall grew up in San Mateo, a mere twenty miles from San Francisco. Watching the errection of the Olympus Union from the beginning, he was incredibly intrigued. A three sport star in school, he also trained as a junior military officer. Opting to enroll in the Olympus Union military, rather than university, Radin quickly impressed. Good natured, with a tint of arrogance, he was popular among his fellows. It wasn't long before he was recruited for the Ares Elite program.

Participating in both the South Bend and Sparta campaigns, Hall proved adept at putting down rebellions. Justin Brand called upon him for the Jovian mission. While he was quite adept at the tasks before him in the Jovian System, Hall was still a part of the general failure by Brand's unit. Railing the strongest against their departure, he nonetheless went back to Mars with the rest of the group. At first, Hall continued to demand a second opportunity, to take his own group of men back to Jupiter, or perhaps go alone. After repeated squashing, however, he fell silent, becoming introspective and self conscious.

A transfer to Mercury, and Ticonderoga, by Hendren Jackson gave the soldier new life. Working to rediscover both his voice and confidence, Radin is determined to prevent another Jovian situation from coming about. He is relentless in his pursuit of perfect security. Ruffling feathers now and again, he won't allow a second rebellion to rip apart the Olympus Union.

Book Appearances:
Arrival of the Elite

Story Appearances:
Drilled Down