Martell Andrews

Martell Andrews

Affiliation: Jovian Free League
Position: Prime Minister
Primary Story Arc: Jovian Wars
First Appearance: Olympus Union: The Past Repeated

Vice Minister of Europa might be enough for some men, but Martell Andrews has certainly grown past his last position in the Olympus Union. Once a loyal servant, Andrews could not sit idly by and watch as the Jovians were disregarded and disrespected. Along with a handful of others, he spearheaded a leadership group to form the Jovian resistance. Serving in secret for so long, he would meet with agents in utter darkness, disguising his voice.

Andrews brought Duncan Lab to the Jovian System as an expected key to the resistance’s victory. He hired Kro to rescue the Controller from his unjust imprisonment aboard Athena’s Clutch. Turning the man over to Hartee for indoctrination, Martell helped to groom Lab’s hatred for the Olympus Union. Capitalizing on his pet project’s high intellect and thirst for vengeance, Martell Andrews developed the plan to destroy Zeta Station.

Taking advantage of the Zeta Station’s arrogant Minister, who was too proud to call for help or accept the situation, Andrews was able to take his men in and salvage much of the station before destroying it. He revealed himself as the leader of the revolution, and officially revealed the Jovian Free League in a wide-band broadcast that concluded with the destruction of Zeta Station.

Book Appearances:
Olympus Union: The Past Repeated
Olympus Union: Drawing Battle Lines
Olympus Union: The Future Reborn

Story Appearances: