Jones Oden

Jones Oden

Affiliation: Olympus Union
Position: Prime Minister
Primary Story Arc: Jovian Wars
First Appearance: Olympus Union: The Past Repeated

The first Prime Minister of the Olympus Union, Jones Oden is also one of its founders. Some see him as a doddering old man who knows little outside of his office window. Some find him charismatic but assume his time is nearly at an end. Others understand how shrewd Oden is, and how far beyond San Francisco his reach extends.

Oden enjoys a drink, perhaps more often than he should, but rarely allows himself to get drunk. Even when it appears so, he often simply takes the guise. Wiley and manipulative, he has done much to further the cause of the Olympus Union. He embraces the doddering image, but never to Anat Meron.

Few have been able to explain the relationship between the Prime Minister and his hand-picked Minister of Peace. It’s obvious that they have known each other for quite some time. Many believe that Oden is grooming Meron to be his eventual successor. To this day, he is the only person who can whip her up into a frenzy and set her off-balance.

Book Appearances:
Olympus Union: The Past Repeated
Olympus Union: Drawing Battle Lines
Olympus Union: The Future Reborn

Story Appearances:
Oden's Inspection