Jeremy Hunter

Jeremy Hunter

Affiliation: Olympus Union
Position: Vigilante
Primary Story Arc: Jeremy Hunter
First Appearance: Olympus Union: The Past Repeated

Jeremy Hunter is a vigilante working to safeguard the Austin-San Antonio Metroplex. Little is known about his origins, despite attempts by the the Ministry of Peace to learn about him. His only known affiliations are with Ministry of Peace covert agent Galia Ivanov and a mysteious older woman whom he considers the proection of his most important duty.

The vigilante has managed to earn himself two rather notable enemies. The ASA-Plex police department, and specifically Leroy Frunkedt, the Austin region's Commandant. Frunkedt's dislike stems from a sense that vigilantes are outside of the law, and are criminals themselves; being regularly shown up by Hunter doesn't help. The para-military group The Corral Snakes have also taken interest in Jeremy. After breaking up a rape that included ending the life of a rather highly ranked member of the group, they have sworn vegeance, and retribution.

Hunter is not without his resources. Augmented with cybernetic and other implants, he is able to leap incredibly high, run very quickly, and drop from extensive heights without injury to his legs. His eyes have been augmented to see arcoss multiple ranges, and telescope in vision. Reaction time is quickened to the point of vastly superior hand-to-hand combat skills.

Besides personal augmentation, Jeremy has two vehicles that enable him to move about. His glider, with no name other than just glider, is lightweight enough to be carried on his back for extended periods. A pair of wings telescope out when he is ready to take flight; twin engines propely him along when necessary. Hunter also has a very sturdy, very fast motorcycle that he races the streets of the ASA-Plex. Both painted hunter green, he considers them a wry attempt at humor. His preference, of course, is to travel on foot, be it on the streets or via roof tops.

Book Appearances:
Olympus Union: The Past Repeated
Olympus Union: The Future Reborn
Jeremy Hunter
Enter the Snakes

Story Appearances:
Deepest Cuts