Hyde Fellows

Hyde Fellows

Affiliation: The Red Scythe
Position: Pilot
Primary Story Arc: Red Scythe
First Appearance: Watching and Waiting

Formerly a sky jock for the Olympus Union military on Earth, Hyde Fellows landed in Hardbarger's lap in a literal sense. The pilot had been on leave with several comrades in Lincoln City, on Mars. As the men drank a bit more, Fellows began to complain a bit more.

He was tired of the same old guard runs. Flying over rowdy populations to scare them into line wasn't why he'd become a pilot. Hyde wanted adventure and excitement. As he continued to complain about the Olympus Union's misuse, one of his companions became irritated. With a two-handed shove, the man sent Hyde spilling backward.

Hardbarger happened to be in the same bar, awaiting a new contact. Playing Da San while listening in on the group's conversation, he was ready. As Fellows spilled over the table, Hardbarger turned to absorb the impact. Looking down into his lap, he offered Hyde a quick decision: leave the military and fly for Hardbarger, or be thrown back into the fray; he promised the middle-aged pilot the adventure he craved.

Once Hyde accepted, Hardbarger jumped into action. Pummeling two of the drunken pilots, the large man called to the other Red Scythe members at the table, who gladly joined the fight. Within minutes, the Olympus Union pilots were rushed out the door. All but Hyde Fellows.

The newest member of the Red Scythe quickly proved to be an asset as a pilot. It was a fair trade, as he proved surly as a companion. Fellows always had a sarcastic remark, complaint, or biting retort up his sleeve. Hardbarger kept him on, however, on account of his tremendous skill, and the customers who have taken shots at him.

Book Appearances:
Pirate's Lies

Story Appearances:
Watching and Watiing
Deal Me In