Hendren Jackson

Hendren Jackson

Affiliation: Olympus Union
Position: Major, Olympus Union Military
Primary Story Arc: Ticonderoga
First Appearance: Launching Ticonderoga

Is it arrogance or extreme confidence that makes Hendren Jackson go? In either case, the master manipulator has done wonders with his career. Hailing from a well-to-do family from San Francisco, Jackson grew up close to what now exists as Jones Oden's office in the Olympus Union capital. Thirsting for power at a young age, he joined the military searching for command and prestige.

Jackson met Silas Deane during their mutual rise in the military. While Deane was a rising star for his sense of duty and work ethic, Hendren befriended the man to increase his own notoriety. While the association certainly worked for Jackson's own rise, the two men became fast friends. It was that which led him to use an opportunity to convince Jones Oden and the Olympus Union hierarchy to free Deane from Hera's Clutch.

In reality, Hendren truly believes in his friend Silas. Jackson is certain, without a doubt, that his comrade in arms is the perfect person to safeguard Mercury. That does not protect even Silas from Jackson's manipulation games. At the heart of it, Hendren Jackson is still looking out for his own career. The man has designs on the highest post in the Union. He believes that he, alone, can reunite the solar system one day.

Book Appearances:
Launching Ticonderoga
Arrival of the Elite

Story Appearances: