Affiliation: Jovian Free League
Position: Jovian Free League Strategist
Primary Story Arc: Jovian Wars
First Appearance: Olympus Union: The Past Repeated

Giving credence to the quintessential strong-silent type, Hartee is an enormous specimen of a man. Speaking very little, and rather infrequently, he is actually a brilliant strategist. Hartee’s coordination helped to make the Jovian Free League’s military missions a victory. Happy to mask his intelligence for the sake of the revolution, he has little concern for what others think of him. Two differently colored eyes - one green and one brown - have helped to make him more off-putting to others.

Fiercely loyal to the cause, Hartee often puts the Jovians before his own concerns. Ignoring the penalties, he snapped the neck of Warren Revere when he threatened to turn traitor. He has yet to be punished for his heads up decision.

Book Appearances:
Olympus Union: The Past Repeated
Olympus Union: Drawing Battle Lines
Olympus Union: The Future Reborn

Story Appearances: