Affiliation: The Red Scythe
Position: Leader
Primary Story Arc: Red Scythe
First Appearance: Racing the Clock

Hardbarger began life as a simple security for hire to Bray Buckley. Buckley had claimed the rights to an asteroid that he named Buckley Rock. On that rock, he built Bray Station. His intention was to serve as a commissary replenishing service for the burgeoning colonies of the asteroid belt. He shared all plans with his personal guard, Hardbarger.

The large man didn't agree with Buckley's humble plans, however. Buckley shipping could be so much more, if only they were willing to expand their efforts. Hardbarger recommended weapons trade, industrial sabotage and anything else that would earn them a paycheck. Bray rejected the notion out of hand as thuggery. Hardbarger accepted the rejection in the short term.

When he felt the time right, however, Hardbarger struck. He assaulted the entrepreneur and tossed him out an airlock. Taking command of Bray Station, he established that as his base of operations. All staff and pilots who agreed with his new direction became founding members of the Red Scythe. Those who disagreed joined Buckley. Hardbarger scoured Mars and the colonies looking for new men to help support his ideals - profit above all else.

Book Appearances:
Pirate's Lies

Story Appearances:
Racing the Clock