Ferric Storm

Ferric Storm

Affiliation: The Red Scythe
Position: Master at Arms
Primary Story Arc: Red Scythe
First Appearance: Fighting Styles

Growing up in the Scribe Quartet on Mars, Ferric Storm honed his fighting abilities while bouncing from town to town. Starting in Twain, where he was born, Ferric swore revenge on a neighborhood bully who'd stomped the skinny young boy. Watching videos on the net, he trained his body and reflexes. Starting with his own bully, and later assailing those he'd heard of bullying, he savaged older and larger boys. As he grew, he found his way into alley and bar fights, just to improve himself. Mayor Vance Corwin eventually asked him to leave the town, as he'd become something of a menace.

Angrily, Ferric left, bouncing between Frost, Dickenson and Hemmingway, seeking combat. Every once in a while, he'd return to Twain. Sneaking in to fight, he'd sneak out as quickly as possible. Soon, however, his prowess became such that none could touch him. He was bored, and he was broke. Searching for something more, he abandoned the smaller towns for Lincoln City. Establishing a small school to teach fighting skills, he would spend evenings showcasing his abilities in an underground fighting ring. Recruiting paying customers through the rings, he made enough to get by while finding new combat challenges.

As his reputation grew, so did his challengers. Unfortunately, they weren't always in the most formal of settings. Leaving a fight late one night, having bested two men simultaneously, an exhausted Storm was jumped. Three men, each brandishing simple clubs, attacked. Coming from different angles, they caught him unaware, beating him brutally. Mustering his skill and strength, he not only bested them all, he left two unconscious and one dead. Hardbarger emerged from the shadows and immediately offered him a job.

Book Appearances:
Pirate's Lies

Story Appearances:
Fighting Styles