Efim Abken

Efim Abken

Affiliation: Olympus Union
Position: Lead Architect of Constructs and Data
Primary Story Arc: Ticonderoga
First Appearance: Architect's Angst

Efim Abken isn't an evil man, but he is one of the most brilliant men in the solar system. His engineering is responsible for reinforcements to the domed, oceanic cities on Earth, enabling them to thrive. Based on Ginisia, he used many of his developments to improve his home town of Kodinsk. Efim's improvements to both the Boguchany power station and the town servicing it were groundbreaking, making Kodinsk into a very wealthy, thriving city. With his track record, Jones Oden personally offered him the challenge to move to Mercury.

Abken was instrumental in the underlying architecture of Ticonderoga. Prior to Silas Deane's arrival, he'd been given carte blanche in development. As a man of pure science and development, Efim has bristled under the presence of increased bureaucracy. He's considered fommenting rebellion. Speaking to lesser minds, he's send them on errands, or encouraged some of their complaints. Most of the effects have been an annoyance to those who have gotten in his way. From time to time, he contemplates escalation, driven by his wife, but drops back into his work when the it bores him.

Efim wants control over nothing more than his projects. He seeks the ability to cultivate Mercury the way that he sees fit. The Architect will not suffer fools, nor that which he sees as their errands. Each time frustration mounts, he does grow closer to action. Only time will tell what life changing invention, or events, Abken will preside over next.

Book Appearances:
Arrival of the Elite

Story Appearances:
Architect's Angst