Avinoam David

Avinoam David

Affiliation: Jovian Free League
Position: General
Primary Story Arc: Alpha Station
First Appearance: Olympus Union: Drawing Battle Lines

Once very close friends with, and the Sergeant for Captain Justin Brand, Avinoam was trained through the Ares Elite program. Endowed with the same physical augmentations as the other Elite, he had been classified with an exceptional intuition. The extra quality had him earmarked for fast tracking into leadership roles for the Olympus Union. Little did his commanders know that he wouldn’t make good on that promise.

Starting on the journey from Earth to the outer systems, Avi began finding difficulty with his connection to the Olympus Union. During the battles waged alongside Brand and his Ares Elite unit, the dissonance escalated. Finally losing his faith in the Olympus Union when Brand intentionally targeted innocents, claiming that there were no innocents and only traitors, he decided to turn himself over to the Jovians. Only his friendship with Brand kept him from dying at his former compatriots’ hands.

In a twist of events, Danielle Abbate had previously revealed herself to be an operative of the Jovian Free League while working inside the Olympus Union. Abbate and David had met and bonded on the trip from Earth to the Jovian System. Vouching for him, she brought him in to meet with Martell Andrews, holding off execution. Proving his usefulness and belief in the cause, Avinoam earned his way to General of the young and small Jovian military.

Book Appearances:
Olympus Union: Drawing Battle Lines
Olympus Union: The Future Reborn

Story Appearances: