Agatamori Ko

Agatamori Ko

Affiliation: Olympus Union
Position: Ares Elite
Primary Story Arc: Ticonderoga
First Appearance: Arrival of the Elite

Growing up in Taipei, Agatamori was the son of a police officer. Watching his brother younger brother die during riots, after the Olympus Union took power, Ko was determined to prevent that from happening again. Training under his father until he was able to join the Olympus Union military, Ko brought a strong sense of martial and marksman ability to his post. He was identified, early on, as a candidate for the Ares Elite program. Upon entering the program, he quickly surpassed many others.

Being hand selected by Justin Brand for the Jovian System mission, Ko was once again determined to prevent mob rule from wreaking havoc. While aboard several space stations, Agatamori expertly slaughtered multiple Jovian soldiers. In the end, however, Tanyan Kree's betrayal by Danielle Abbate hamstrung the Ares Elite. Coupled with Justin Brand's fanaticism, the Ares Elite unit failed miserably, being exiled from now JFL ruled Jovian space.

Brand's unit was returned to Olympus Union controlled Mars in disgrace. Ko was exiled to guard duty, paired up with fellow unit member Radin Hall. The humiliation seemed endless until Hendren Jackson helped have them reassigned to Mercury. Serving under Captain Silas Deane, now, he safeguards Ticonderoga and its satellites cities.

Book Appearances:
Arrival of the Elite

Story Appearances:
Drilled Down