Olympus Union: The Past Repeated

In the not too distant future, mankind has begun to conquer the solar system. Homes rest on the faces of Mars and Luna; orbital stations surround Venus and float throughout the Jovian system. Yet colonies on foreign worlds and moons cannot quell the desire for nation to conquer nation. Violence had become rampant throughout the solar system. Smaller nations seeking dominance among the stars took to acts of terrorism. Retribution was swift, vicious, and perpetual. Loss of technology and science, and most importantly, of life, had become all too common away from Earth.

In a last effort for peace, mankind is united under one banner, The Olympus Union, to govern all. Convinced that this is for the true good of man, hierarchy is established, national lines obliterated, and military deployed to enforce the new map. Small pockets of protest, and even riots, break out. Dissenters are quickly jailed, or killed; however, not all are stamped out. The colonists orbiting Jupiter are simmering after learning that they will be taxed and ruled, but bear no power in the great government. Deep within an orbital prison, one man begins a journey towards metamorphosis. He had lived a calm and unassuming life before taking up residency in Athena’s Clutch. As he grows, he will become one to change history changing.

A smooth tongued Prime Minister who overindulges in his own greatness. A soldier who is consumed by honor and duty. Vigilantes, mercenaries, corrupt officers and hopeful prisoners. It is no longer clear who is the hero, and who the villain.