Olympus Union: The Future Reborn

The confrontation between the Olympus Union and the Jovian Free League has come to a head. The Jovians continue to battle for their freedom, charging for a successful secession, and dominance of the outer systems. Justin Brand and his command of Ares Elite fight to maintain Olympus Union sovereignty across Jupiter and its moons.

Meanwhile, both organizations suffer battles of internal politics while waging war against each other. Either cause could be derailed by the schemes of those grasping for power. Some may backfire, others may change the landscape for good.

So many questions linger. What will happen to the Jovian Council? Will Minister of Peace Meron and Prime Minister Oden shred the Union from the top? Where will Justin and Avinoam's expedition lead them next. And what of Danielle Abbate? The future is being re-written, and will be reborn with a new direction forever after!