Launching Ticonderoga

Silas Deane had been a bright, shining star in the Olympus Union military. An up-and-comer with a strong code of honor, he could do no wrong, quickly climbing through the ranks. That had been his reality before he found both his career and his life derailed by one mistake holding to that same code of honor. He's now spent years imprisoned within the unforgiving glass walls of Hera's Clutch. Cast down among the worst villains of the solar system, he'd begun to question his own sanity.

Time has passed in nearly-complete solitude. The soldier had finally come to grips with his daily routine, the grind of his prison life. His guards weren't sadistic, merely holding to the law. He'd learned the rules, and accepted them as reality as well.

However, now, a familiar face from his past has broken the monotony, bringing the offer of parole, a new life, and a unique challenge. Travelling to Mercury, and a subterranean fort named Ticonderoga, his life changes dramatically once again. The beginning of a journey...