Olympus Union: Drawing Battle Lines

"Drawing Battle Lines" picks up approximately a year after "The Past Repeated". Martell Andrews and the Jovian underground movement have their sites set on taking over the Jovian System and breaking away from the Olympus Union. Duncan Lab has begun to evolve from a mousy ex-convict, now caught up in vengeance over his wrongful imprisonment. The rebels are using that anger to their benefit, drawing up plans to strike hard, make a stunning statement, and declare their independence.

Meanwhile, Minister of Peace Anat Meron has recognized the coming wave, even if her Prime Minsiter can't. She summons Captain Justin Brand, fresh off his victory in Sparta. Tasked with a new, far more complicated assignment, he finds difficulty in balancing his sense of duty to the Union again competing feelings from within the OU itself.

New characters come to the forefront on both sides of the conflict. The history of man's expansion out into the solar system is slowly unveiled, while surprises abound on either side. The tensions escalate as the Olympus Union series rolls forward into political upheaval.