Name: Anat Meron
Affiliation: Olympus Union
The Minister of Peace is charged with maintaining the peace across the entire Olympus Union. From Earth to the edges of colonized space, she takes her duties incredibly seriously. In reality, Meron takes nearly everything seriously. Known for a general sense of stoicism, she expects the same single-minded purpose from her staff.

Deepest Cuts

    Hunter ducked under the heavy pipe swung at his head. The lug was a bit too slow, a bit too weak to heft something so large. Jeremy followed it by lashing out a devastating kick at the man's right elbow. Buckling inward, he heard a sickening crunch as bone cracked. Rough edges poked through the skin.

    Taking advantage of the man's stunning pain, Jeremy stood up quickly. Jamming his head up into the thug's chin, he knocked the man out. Another one down.

    Catching the pipe as it fell, Hunter spun around just in time to catch a thick black chain.

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